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Chapman University has officially partnered with Transferology to show students how the institution will award credits for transferable courses.

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The course equivalencies listed in Transferology are accurate but may satisfy different degree requirements depending upon your major or program. Chapman University may change the transfer information in Transferology at any time, so be sure to contact them to verify how your courses will transfer.

We recommend that you...

  • Contact advisors at the institutions to review your coursework for next steps
  • Check Transferology for updates
  • Retain records of Transferology reports for documentation
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Quick facts

Chapman University

Orange, CA

Private not-for-profit school

Undergrad students

Bachelor's degree

Master's degree

Doctoral degree

Student transfer resources:

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About the institution

Chapman University is a private university located in Southern California. We're a transfer-friendly university committed to helping you get the best education possible, with financial aid options, student research opportunities and more.

What is Transferology?

Transferology is the nationwide network from CollegeSource that helps students explore college transfer options. It saves students time and money by providing a quick, intuitive way of getting college transfer credit questions answered.

Transferology has helped over 2 million users from all 50 states and 202 countries with 9 million student searches and counting.

Join over 2 million students who have searched to see how their courses transfer on Transferology.

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