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A: Add the courses that you took into Transferology 1. Select a school 2. Select the term and year 3. Enter the department 4. Add your course(s) (Repeat for each course that you want to add) Click "View Matches" Look for the school you want to transfer to 1. If you see the school, click the "%Match" button 2. If you don't see the school, use the "looking for a particular school?" link On the school page you will see one of three possible selections: 1. If the school has matches you will see Match, Miss, and/or Maybe tabs for your courses You will also see a "Request information" button that you can use to ask the school to contact you about transfer 2. If the school is part of the Transferology network but doesn't have matches for your courses, use the "Request information" button to reach out to the school 3. If the school does not participate in Transferology, you will need to reach out to them on your own
A: If you have questions about your matches, contact the school by clicking the "Request Information" button located on the match detail and school profile page for the school you're interested in.
A: While every school is different, generally this means that a school doesn't have an exact match for your course, but will give you some transfer credit. For more information, contact the school by clicking its "Request Information" button.
A: No, you must contact the school directly to apply. In the School Profile area, if the school has a link for Admissions Application or Admissions Information, click on the link to be directed to the school’s website.
A: No. Transferology simply shows you the equivalencies that the school you want to transfer to has defined for the courses that you have entered. Entering the courses that you have taken does not initiate a transcript request from your former/current school(s). When you are ready to actually transfer, you will need to follow the transfer guidelines set forth by the institution you are transferring to. Typically, this will mean requesting that your prior institution send an official transcript to the institution you want to transfer to. Check out the transfer process information on the website of the institution you want to transfer to.
A: Maybe, depending upon why the school is not appearing on your list of matches. The school may not be there because it hasn't shared transfer rules with us that match your courses. Or, the school may not be showing because it doesn't participate in Transferology at all. Not every school in the United States participates, so we only display matches for those schools that do. If there is a school you'd like to see, send us a message via the Contact Us link below and we will contact them to see if they would like to participate in Transferology. In the meantime, you should look into contacting the school directly to get your specific transfer course questions answered.
A: No, Transferology is not connected to a course schedule or registration system for the member schools, therefore, we have no knowledge as to what courses might be offered online.
A: This gives the schools the opportunity to display notes to explain the transfer equivalent course or explanations how the credit might be used for requirements at the school. Click on the icon to display the note(s).
A: If the school you want to transfer to has programs enabled, an "Apply Courses to a Program" button displays under the school logo. Simply click that button and follow the prompts. Additionally, if the school has the feature enabled, you will also be able to add all the courses that apply to a program from a specific source school so that you can see what classes to take that will transfer into a program you are interested in pursuing in the future. If you don't see the "Apply Courses to a Program" button, the school has not enabled that feature.
A: A school name not appearing in the list could be due to either a spelling issue, or it might not be there at all. First, try typing the most unique part of the school name all by itself. For example, type "Cloud" for St. Cloud State University. Note that this is especially tricky with schools with Saint/St/St. in the name; you must type the name the official way the school does, or you will not find it. Again, correct spelling of the most unique part of the name can help ensure that you find it in the list, if it is in the list. If your school still isn't on the list, send us a message via the Contact Us link below and we will do everything we can to add it.
A: While there is no way to update programs, you can rerun them as many times as necessary. There is no limit to the number of programs you can run or to the number of times you can run any one program.
A: Some of the member schools do not have equivalencies displaying for international schools. This does not mean that they won’t accept the courses or credit in transfer. Check with the school to find out more information.
A: Click on your name in the upper right hand corner and select Edit Profile. In the bottom right hand corner, select “remove your account”.
A: No, Transferology is a software application for member schools to display their equivalents to courses in transfer from other schools.
A: Please enable tabbing within the browser. Click the "Safari" menu item, then "Preferences", then "Advanced". Under the "Accessibility" section, click to enable the checkbox for "Press Tab to highlight each item on a webpage".
A: Let’s break it down.

➞ Will My Courses Transfer?
Use this feature when you want to transfer and are looking for a new school to attend.
Enter all the courses you’ve taken or are planning to take at your current school, then click Search for Matches. You’ll see a list of schools with a match percentage that ranks who has said they’ll give you credit for those courses. You can use filters to narrow the results by distance from zip code, state, tuition, size, public or private, by your marked favorites, or even one specific school – allowing you make the best decision that’s right for you.

↩ Find a Replacement Course
Use this feature if you have no intention of leaving your current school, but need to take a course, or courses, somewhere else for credit at your current school.
For example, over the summer you’ll be home (4 hours away from your school) but you really need to get your Math pre-requisite out of the way. Enter the course that’s offered at your current school, then click Search for Matches. You’ll see a list of schools that offer a course that your current school has said will transfer back. You can use filters to narrow the results by distance from zip code, state, tuition, size, public or private, by your marked favorites, or even one specific school – allowing you to choose the most efficient and convenient option to stay on track.

Note: results are not guaranteed and only represent the schools in the Transferology network. Other institutions may offer credit for the courses you’ve taken, or have transfer agreements with your current school. View the school profiles and contact the institutions directly whose data isn’t yet available, or contact your advisor.

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